Phil Scott
“Since working with Pacesetter Financial Services, I have gained financial independence and peace of mind. One of the attractions for me is that Mal has explained things in layman’s terms. He takes away the technical talk and simplifies the issues.

As a result of the services that the Pacesetter team has provided, I am now in a position in my life where I am comfortable with my financial matters. I never thought I’d be in this position of being financially secure. Mal’s advice has been impeccable. I look upon the people at Pacesetter as being part of the family and I trust Pacesetter with my financial affairs. We are very open with each other.”

Geoff and Paula Stein

“With three children at varying stages of education, plus moving from being employed to being self-employed, brought into play for us new risks and challenges. Mal’s experience in analysing these new risks and putting in place appropriate measures to protect myself and my family was invaluable.

Initially I was not able to secure income protection insurance, however the team at Pacesetter has continually reviewed my situation with the insurers until eventually I was able to obtain appropriate cover.

Whilst Paula and myself have been responsible for asset accumulation outside of the superannuation environment, regular reviews have ensured that those assets are protected should an unforeseen event occur and the peace of mind this provides cannot be overstated.

As we are both approaching retirement within the next 5 to 10 years, we have already had several discussions regarding the most suitable strategy going forward and I can see that the value we receive from our relationship with Mal, Hayden and their team will only increase as we approach this next phase.”


Alan and Di Calder

“Our lifestyle is the positive benefit! I have been retired for 5 years, we enjoy a wonderful, relaxing lifestyle and have not felt any financial constraints, even through the recent GFC which hit just after I retired. We have plenty of time to travel, both overseas and around Australia in our A-Van which we purchased four years ago. We have heaps of time to help and support our ageing parents and the local community. We have the ability to help our children and enjoy time with them. Without all of the work and effort we and Pacesetter have put into this over the past 15+ years, we would not have achieved this.

We believe that planning for your future financial independence is too complex to do on your own. You need expert advice to steer a path through the maze that is financial planning, especially with regard superannuation options. We would have no hesitation in recommending the Pacesetter Team to anyone seeking to plan for their financial future. In fact a number of relatives and friends have been to Pacesetter based on our encouragement. We hope it brings them what it has to us.”


Eric and Veronica Blackwood

“We would hate to think what our retirement would be looking like if we had not seen the Pacesetter Team and started things rolling all those years ago. More recently the Pacesetter Team has been guiding us on the steps to perhaps implement retirement strategies and how best to get the best out of our savings.

Meeting with Mal to update strategies and keep up to date with the share market etc is never an appointment we try to put off, as he and the rest of the team at Pacesetter are always a pleasure to meet with and you are never treated like just another client. We would recommend them to any of our family, friends or business colleagues.”