What makes Pacesetter different? Our client-first approach & commitment to core values.

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We recently heard about a man who took an unsolicited call from a financial adviser and, after a brief phone call, agreed to be flown to Sydney. There he was told how quickly he would reach his financial goals if he only bought an investment property. Following a fine meal overlooking the Harbour, he signed up. Needless to say, the advice was terrible: it didn’t account for the man’s personal circumstances or long-term goals, and it’s likely that the same advice was offered to everyone else at the event. Luckily, the man was able to withdraw his commitment without penalty, but the consequences could have been disastrous.

Similarly unsettling stories appear in the media from time to time. In response, we would like to set your mind at ease by describing how we are different at Pacesetter Financial Services.

It’s a fact of life that there are rogues in every industry and financial services is no exception. The website for Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), our regulatory body, details the legal requirements that must be satisfied by anyone wishing to offer financial advice in Australia. While all financial advisers in Australia should meet the guidelines outlined on this site, it provides, in my opinion, only a very basic checklist in terms of helping you to appraise a financial adviser.

In evaluating a financial adviser, it is extremely important for you to consider their professional values as well as their approach to, and capabilities in providing long-term strategic financial advice. It is these factors that define the ‘difference’ that you will find among a small number of financial advisers – including Pacesetter Financial Services – who are capable of offering significant value in terms of the impact their financial assistance and advice on your life.

Client-first approach
Pacesetter Financial Services are fully committed to the goal of making a positive difference in people’s lives through a ‘client-first’ approach to financial planning. We do this by making the time for meaningful conversations where we gain a thorough understanding of your current circumstances, aspirations and objectives.

We help you to identify and structure how you can achieve your financial goals, offering strategies that are manageable and, most importantly, realistic for your circumstances. We can tailor strategies for you in the areas of cash flow and savings, investments, super and SMSF, insurance, retirement, aged care and estate planning. Our advice is formally documented and meets all compliance requirements. Most importantly, it is tailored for you and is understandable.

With your agreement, we then implement appropriate strategies and maintain regular communication with you at all stages in the process. While we are always available for impromptu meetings or phone calls, one of the ways we practice due diligence is by formally reviewing your situation periodically to make sure your financial strategies are suitable for your changing circumstances over the long term.

Core values
We take our role as your financial partner very seriously. Everything we do is underpinned by our core values of reliability, trust, collaboration and longevity. We offer financial planning for individuals at every stage of life, from young people starting out through all chapters of family life, pre-retirement and retirement. Our firm has over 30 years' experience dealing with a diverse range of clients. Our focus is on building strong relationships with our clients and their families. Indeed such are these relationships that after a lifetime of advice and guidance, we are now advising the next generation - our clients' adult children.

We welcome your questions
We understand that you may have questions and concerns about the financial services industry. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you, as well as to address more specific questions about our role as your financial adviser. Please contact our office on (07) 3808 2808 or email

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