Financial Planning for Seniors

Posted by Pacesetter Financial Services

While our learning and problem-solving capacity peak when we are just 20, our financial decision-making peaks in our early 60s. From our late 60s onwards, we experience gradual cognitive decline, including our ability to understand complex financial concepts and make sound financial decisions. This means that senior Australians seeking financial advice may not have the cognitive abilities they need (and once enjoyed). If they are not aware of this fact, they can be extremely vulnerable. Below, we outline three ways to prepare for making important financial decisions in later life – for yourself or for an ageing family member. Read More

How to decide where to live in retirement

Posted by Pacesetter Financial Services

When you retire you begin a phase of life that brings significant changes, and if you’re financially prepared, it can be a really interesting and satisfying time of life. Your options in retirement will largely come down to what’s affordable once you’re no longer earning. So seeking financial advice as you approach retirement can be invaluable in helping you to set and work towards achieving goals. Among your retirement planning priorities will be where to live. Here are three key tips you should consider, and that we can help you to fully explore to enjoy your retirement of choice.  Read More