How to Retire with Freedom

Posted by Pacesetter Financial Services

If you would like to retire with the freedom to enjoy a lifestyle of your choosing, then this tip is for you.

Create a tailor-made retirement plan NOW so you won’t need to rely on a paltry Government Pension.

For those whose retirement may be decades away, planning early could circumvent the need to play catch-up later in life when mortgages, expanding families, children’s education costs and other additional expenses can place extra pressure on your finances.

If retirement is more imminent, your financial adviser will engage with you to determine when you would like to retire and what shape your retiree lifestyle will take. From there, a tailor-made retirement plan can be constructed with a view to help you realise those identified goals within a specified time frame.  A range of scenarios can be explored, from making adjustments to your current lifestyle, to contemplating post-retirement income streams or possibly delaying retirement to consolidate the structures that may help you enjoy greater freedom during your senior years.

Fortnum Financial Advisers (together with aligned researchers from Innova Asset Management) highlight the five year period before and after retirement as potential time frames when a strong risk strategy may be appropriate for protecting your retirement plan from the impacts of significant market shifts.

In addition to offering risk protection strategies designed to preserve and protect your retirement plan, matters pertaining to your Aged Care and Estate Plan may also be considered within your overall retirement plan.

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