How bright is your future looking?

Posted by Pacesetter Financial Services

If you are a Gen X or Gen Y sandwiched in between the Baby Boomers and the Millenniums, your focus today could be on funding mortgage repayments and/or your kids’ education.

Thinking about YOUR future has simply become a topic that's dropped from the table.  But as governments continue to reduce financial assistance offered to retirees, which has most recently included changes to asset testing for retirees NOW is the time to start thinking of YOU.

The first question you need to ask yourself is: “will I have enough money to fund a comfortable retirement?”   

According to the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia (ASFA), via their Retirement Standard, a couple will require approximately $58,444 per annum to fund a 'comfortable' retirement (figures current as at March 2015).  This is only a guide, as how much you require will depend upon your lifestyle, at what age you want to retire and the things you want to do in retirement.

Given that you'll probably retire by age 65, and live for another 20 years to age 85 (and potentially longer), will you be satisfied with a modest lifestyle or would you prefer a comfortable or perhaps even a lavish retirement lifestyle?[1]

By planning to fund your own retirement, you will have control over the amount of money you can put away each month and the types of investments that fit with your long-term strategies.  The key is to begin putting money away NOW, no matter how small the increments.

With our guidance, together we can plan for your retirement.  It all starts with a discussion that will clarify your financial position, and the strategies you need to achieve your retirement objectives.

This will make a huge difference over the long term.  By investing TODAY you can start working towards creating your retirement picture.

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