Aged Care Planning

Posted by Pacesetter Financial Services

If you are squeezed between the financial demands of your offspring and those of your parents who need your support in their advancing years, this tip is for you.

Create an aged care plan NOW that outlines how and where you would like to live LATER.

Failing to take steps today could mean surrendering your choices as you grow older and/or jeopardising the financial wellbeing of your offspring.

Without an appropriate aged care solution, for yourself or those you love, you could be forced to sell the family home to meet the cost of a residential aged care facility. Likewise, whilst you may want to move in with your children, perhaps you won’t be in a financial position to be able to cover the cost of building a granny flat to suit your changing needs.

Your financial adviser is well placed to present you with a range of real-life scenarios designed to help you identify the types of financial considerations that could impact upon your twilight years. The goal of your aged care plan is to provide you with the financial empowerment required to live the life of your choosing, rather than being constrained by limited finances.

Pacesetter Financial Services advisers can assist you to adjust your plan alongside changes to your personal or professional circumstances. Likewise, when the time comes, you can call upon your financial adviser to help you to navigate Governmental entitlements and appropriate asset and cash flow structures and to explain the implications including tax efficiencies and effects.

Your entire financial life is paramount to your planner and, as such, matters of your Estate can be reflected within your aged care plan.

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