For Later

In the latter part of your life, the kids may be off your hands but the demands on your finances may be far from over. How will you fund the retirement lifestyle you hope to enjoy and what plans have you made for your aged care? Similarly, it’s likely you’ll want your wealth to outlive you, so how would you like your assets to be distributed upon your passing? At Pacesetter Financial Services we offer guidance and leadership as you navigate these complexities throughout the next stage of your financial life.
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We help you identify the type of retirement lifestyle you aspire to live. Once these aspirations have been discussed and determined, we create a tailor-made strategy to help you realise your retirement dreams. That personalised solution may involve a pre-retirement savings plan as well as a post-retirement strategy for continuing an income stream after you finish work. Pacesetter will work with you and a team of aligned professionals to help you realise your retirement aspirations.

Aged Care

Whether you are planning your own aged care or you are a carer responsible for an ageing relative or friend, Pacesetter creates tailor-made aged care plans designed to equip you to meet the costs of your preferred care, regardless of what shape it takes. Your Pacesetter financial adviser will present you with a range of real-life scenarios designed to assist your decision-making; from creating appropriate asset allocations to unlocking capital to meet the expenses of your twilight years, through to highlighting cash flow and tax efficiencies today that may help fund your aged care tomorrow. Additionally, Pacesetter can guide you through the latest Government funding options available to you, highlighting ways to meet any out-of-pocket expenses. We are also well placed to act as your central coordinator, drawing together a team of aligned professionals from within legal, accounting and health and aged care, to cater for a variety of related needs.

Estate Planning

We understand your desire to determine how your life’s wealth will be distributed after your passing. Financial planning for your Estate is an important and often complex matter.

Acting as your central coordinator, we liaise with your accounting and legal advisers to create understanding of your overall financial position. This leads towards creating an estate plan that is more than a Will. Your estate plan is designed to facilitate the distribution of your assets in accordance with your wishes, in the most timely fashion and in the most tax effective manner, with the ideal of creating a distribution that takes into account the often special and differing needs of beneficiaries.