Client Value Proposition

At Pacesetter Financial Services we aim to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. This includes our clients, our team, our peers. We’re concerned not only on financial aspects of life, but across a range of areas.

For clients, life can be full of complexities. With our ‘client-first’ approach, we’ll take the complex and make it simple. Amazingly simple.

We do this by developing collaborative partnerships, where the emphasis is on working with people over the long term, and where we take the time to get to know the intricacies of your situation and then design strategies suited to your specific situation. We implement those strategies, and we review your situation to make sure of the ongoing suitability of those strategies.

Invariably in the design and implementation, we utilise financial products, which we select as ‘best-fit’ for the given situation. Our obligation is to the client, and not to a product provider.

Our new clients are generally referred to us by our existing clients. We take this as a unsolicited sign of faith and satisfaction for what we’ve achieved over 4 decades of providing advice and service to clients.

Our firm is owned by us. We’re intent on maintaining that position of freedom.

For our team, our desire is to have a professional practice, with a blend of life experience, skills and qualifications to allow us to work with, and advise our clients. Our principal advisers are Certified Financial Planners©, the highest level of professional qualification in the profession of Financial Planning.

For our peers, we contribute and participate in the debate on industry issues. We do this with the intent of making a positive difference in the direction of the Financial Planning profession.